Threats & Risks

In the course of our many years of experience in this field HunterMay have found that where a deteriorating working environment exists there is always malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance. Such an environment may be evident by:

  • Suspicion of financial irregularities
  • Questionable management style and ethics of key executives
  • Unrealistic projections and overstated assets, revenues and products
  • Misrepresentation and non-disclosure
  • Hidden ownership or influence
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Suspected corporate espionage

All too often responsible executives and management are unaware of such threats and risks until they become detrimental to their working environment. When threats and risks have reached such an advanced stage their handling become costly and complicated.

Utilizing advanced and effective methods of forensic investigation in the areas mentioned above HunterMay are able to profile and identify potential and existing threats to a corporation’s health.

HunterMay’s team of professional risk assessors and strategy consultants understand that the preservation of confidence of a corporate structure must begin with trust in HunterMay’s commitment to resolve such threats and risks.

Litigation Mitigation

Taking advantage of corporate vulnerabilities with litigation has become an ever increasing pastime of the deceitful and unethical.

With extended periods of legal involvement this practice is costly and detrimental to the internal and public confidence held by the corporation.

It is important to solve complicated or difficult circumstances before they become destructive to the corporation or those involved within it. This often requires existing or potential litigation to be evaluated and managed within a framework that allows for the continued growth of the corporation.

At HunterMay we recognize the need for a rapid resolution to any litigation environment and work diligently to ensure this occurs.

Due Diligence

With the increase in investigations and applied penalties by government and authorized financial agencies to fraudulent and criminal business activities, it is essential that due diligence be carried out professionally and rapidly.

The exclusion of the correct level of due diligence in areas of those consulting a company or its vendors and suppliers, along with merger and acquisition partners in the international business arena can lead to non compliance to national and international trading and corporate laws. Whilst this can occur with no criminal intent the penalties are still applicable.

HunterMay focus on two major aspects of due diligence. The first is the initial due diligence required to evaluate any risk involved in business transactions prior to establishing a corporate relationship. The second is ongoing due diligence where established trading relationships are regularly evaluated to ensure a safe and protected environment is maintained for the client.

HunterMay’s is committed to the corporate welfare and peace of mind of our clients through professional and extensive due diligence.

Crisis Management

Dealing with major unpredictable events in the life of a corporation is a vital component to any management team. Events that threaten to harm any area of the corporation or its supporters need to be resolved competently and rapidly.

HunterMay’s crisis management strategy consists of being able to define those scenarios that constitute a crisis and thus the elements which are needed to trigger a crisis management plan. We then employ methods to respond to both the actuality as well as the perception of the crisis. Finally we help to construct the communications required to positively respond to existing crisis scenarios.

The reputation and confidence in an organization is influenced by how it is seen to handle unpredictable events and critical situations. Understanding this HunterMay is committed to partner its client through the vital and critical first stages of a crisis, as well as prepare them for the longer term recovery of the situation.

Our goal is simple, to protect and ensure the continued growth and development of your organizational and business environment.