Due Diligence

With the increase in investigations and applied penalties by government and authorized financial agencies to fraudulent and criminal business activities, it is essential that due diligence be carried out professionally and rapidly.

The exclusion of the correct level of due diligence in areas of those consulting a company or its vendors and suppliers, along with merger and acquisition partners in the international business arena can lead to non compliance to national and international trading and corporate laws. Whilst this can occur with no criminal intent the penalties are still applicable.

HunterMay focus on two major aspects of due diligence. The first is the initial due diligence required to evaluate any risk involved in business transactions prior to establishing a corporate relationship. The second is ongoing due diligence where established trading relationships are regularly evaluated to ensure a safe and protected environment is maintained for the client.

HunterMay’s is committed to the corporate welfare and peace of mind of our clients through professional and extensive due diligence.