Crisis Management

Dealing with major unpredictable events in the life of a corporation is a vital component to any management team. Events that threaten to harm any area of the corporation or its supporters need to be resolved competently and rapidly.

HunterMay’s crisis management strategy consists of being able to define those scenarios that constitute a crisis and thus the elements which are needed to trigger a crisis management plan. We then employ methods to respond to both the actuality as well as the perception of the crisis. Finally we help to construct the communications required to positively respond to existing crisis scenarios.

The reputation and confidence in an organization is influenced by how it is seen to handle unpredictable events and critical situations. Understanding this HunterMay is committed to partner its client through the vital and critical first stages of a crisis, as well as prepare them for the longer term recovery of the situation.

Our goal is simple, to protect and ensure the continued growth and development of your organizational and business environment.