Today the number one commodity of any corporation or public agency is confidence.


A corporation or organization is expected, through the adherence of legal, transparent and ethical administration, to generate confidence in their employees, their membership, stock and shareholders, board members as well as the public at large.

Despite the good intentions and diligent work of many in the corporate world there exists a small percentage of individuals whose actions, or lack of actions, will lead to risk and potential threats to the well-being of the corporation or organization. These threats and risks fall within the following categories:

Malfeasance – Intentional performing of an act that is illegal.

Misfeasance – A legal act performed wrongfully.

Nonfeasance – A failure to act even though a duty to act existed.

These actions if existing within a corporate structure will adversely effect its growth and development strategy. Worse still, if left untreated it will lead to the erosion of confidence in the executive, management or employee structure.

HunterMay discreetly specialize in the effective discovery, isolation and resolving of corporate risk, litigation mitigation, due diligence, crisis management and asset recovery so that within the corporate environment confidence is maintained.